Frequently Asked Questions







What can I Do With The iNfinity Application?

The Quantum Life app allows you to analyze your body's energy fields to better understand any disorders or imbalances that may be affecting your state of health and well-being at a given moment. You can also send corrective frequencies back to your body to help restore the natural balance and harmony of your energy fields and thereby improve your well-being.




I Already Bought The Trial Version On Itunes, Can I Get A Special Rate For Full Version?​

Yes, the amount you paid on iTunes will be deducted from the normal purchase price. Please let us have the details of your iTunes purchase to benefit from this offer.




How Can I Purchase The iNfinity Application?​

Just select Add To Cart on the order page and pay online. 


Can I Install The iNfinity Application On Multiple Devices?​

Yes, but you will need a separate licence for each device. You can get a special reduced rate for additional licences, please contact us for details or visit our special bundles page.




Is The Geo Harness Essential To Use With The iNfinity Application?​

The app can quite happily be used without the Quantum Geo, but the Geo does help to focus rebalancing on a particular area of the body, and may help reassure your clients through physical contact. If you don't have the Geo, just use audio headphones or even just the device's loudspeakers to receive the rebalancing therapy. We do recommend the Geo for practitioners, you can purchase it here.


How Do I Flick Through The Items In The Multi-Layer Tray?

To flick through your items, scroll up and down by sliding your finger up and down.


How Do I Know I Am Using The Correct DropBox Account?

Go to Customize Panel and pretend you will import a category….Enter AA as name and then click Import, When Dropbox verification appears make sure that this is your personal Dropbox account


I Have Purchased The iNfinity Application, It Is Asking Me For My Activation Key And I have Not Recieved One?

A. First time installing App : Once the software is installed, you will be prompted to enter your name, email and telephone number. Complete this form and ensure you have mail set up on your device to send the email. Your key will be sent to you soon after.


B. Already installed the application Prior to purchasing, you will be sent a key shortly after purchase. 


C. If all else fails, please select 'Email Support'.




When you ay frequencies stop running, Can you please explain what you actually mean by this?  Are you saying that you do not hear the specific frequencies or that you do not see the actual 3D moving hologram?


Please remember that when you are balancing, if you have the Geo’s plugged in, you will not be able to hear the actual frequencies as they are converted to non audible frequencies.


Also, even with nothing plugged into the audio jack, sometimes the frequencies are super high or super low and as a result not audible to the human ear.


Lastly as long as you can see the 3D moving hologram, then you know it is working.



What do I do when, Message reads “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” ?


Go to Settings - General - Device Management - tap on Quantum Life LLC - tap on Trust button.