A. First time installing App : Once the software is installed, you will be prompted to enter your name, email and telephone number. Complete this form and ensure you have mail set up on your device to send the email. Your key will be sent to you soon after.


B. Instructions if you have already download the trial prior to purchase:


1) Access the app as if you were about to do a session. 

2) Use the "Activate Now" choice.

3) Complete the requested information and hit SEND. 

4) Use the SAME email that you used when downloading the trial 

5) Your app will be registered with the office and you should be able to use it within 1-2 hours. 

6) You will not need any other key or activation moving forward unless you change to a new device. Please contact us at that time


C. If you are reinstalling the application on your device, please send the ‘Already Paid’ email to us by selecting ‘Already Paid’ on your application. A unique code will be generated in order to activate your application.

Tutorial On Infinity


To activate and download the iNfinity 3D, navigate to the settings icon of your App then click on 'Download 3D animation' and follow the prompts accordingly.

Select your option to download the 3D animations. These are large files so you need to make sure you have an extra 300MB of hard drive space.


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What is the Infinity?

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