Personal Balancing Application




Click the link on your device, and follow the prompts to Install. After purchase you will receive an activation key.

The Personal Balancer app or PBS was designed for the practitioner to sell to their clients to use in between sessions. The PBS offers no voice signature analysis. Instead it contains all the powerfull balancing frequencies that the Quantum iLife/iNfinity has. All the same panels just with no voice analysis.
The PBS can be installed onto a practitioners "spare" iOS device and leased out to their clients on a weekly basis. Furthermore the practitioner can activate and deactivate any of the panels within the PBS, to ensure their client only utilizes the panels that they specify to focus on in-between their client sessions.
This is a GREAT adjunct to any practitioner who wants to offer their clients extra support in-between their regular sessions and earn that passive income.

$497 USD

Personal Balancing Application